AMIGA JOKER 30 ganz persönliche Jahre

[german text] Im Oktober 1989 war richtig was los in unseren Breiten. Während die Massen in Leipzig "Wir sind das Volk" skandierten, köpfte ein kleines Team in Haar bei München schon die Korken. Gefeiert wurde die Geburt des Amiga Joker. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, lieber Amiga Joker! Du hast im Oktober vergangenen Jahres

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Devleaks Series RESHOOT PROXIMA 3

Shortly after announcing my new game production RESHOOT PROXIMA 3, I started a series of development blog entries on my Patreon-website called Devleaks. Within this series, I´ll share insights into the development process, how the involved people tick, how design decisions are made. One of the first entries into the Devleaks-series puts the limelight onto

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RESHOOT R Ready to order

After three years of development, the production units of RESHOOT R arrived. So the game can now be ordered here.  The DIGITAL EDITION contains the game and instructions as digital download. 29,95 EUR The AROS VERSION contains the game and instructions as digital download, optimized for Amiga with AROS OS (Vampire) . 29,95 EUR The

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spieleschreiber is about creating games-related stuff. The company is founded and led by me, Richard Löwenstein. I love to pour heart and soul into games and editorial pieces since the 1980s. With the added expertise of the most talented creative freelancers out there, we set our sights on indie game development in 2023. Our first project is classic shoot-em-up mayhem with unusual twists.

I know you are courio wonder what „spieleschreiber“ actually means. The word is a play on the German word „schreiben“ and refers to the fact that the company has its roots in both editorial content and game development.

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